giovedì 19 aprile 2012

Ma chissene degli hacker...

Consiglio caldissimamente la lettura a chiunque abbia a che fare anche solo lontanamente con la sicurezza informatica, anche da un punto di vista non tecnico.

"Every major company in the United States has already been penetrated by China." That's the claim being made by Richard A. Clarke, the former top US government counterterrorism official at the White House, in a long interview about cyber security (or lack thereof) in the April issue of Smithsonian magazine.

There is a long but fascinating story about hacking in today's Wall Street Journal that should send a cold chill into every corporate board room. It concerns the infiltration of Nortel Networks' computer systems by suspected Chinese-based hackers since at least the year 2000.
According to the WSJ, the hackers--using seven passwords stolen from top Nortel executives, including the CEO--"downloaded technical papers, research and development reports, business plans, employee emails and other documents" for the past decade or more. Nortel, which was once a leading telecommunications firmthat went bankrupt in 2009, is in the process of selling itself off in pieces as part of the bankruptcy process. There is now a concern that those companies purchasing Nortel IT assets may also be "purchasing" the hackers and their spyware as well.

Da leggere con calma. Articoli come questi fanno capire molto bene come stanno realmente le cose. 

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